Business management system - bms dna ®

Lean Digital has developed a business processes management system - BMS DNA® , serving as a powerful tool for gaining insights into company's business processes, analysing them, improving, optimizing, and digitizing them.

BMS DNA® consolidates and records valuable knowledge essential for processes to work smoothly, often unnoticed and typically known only to experienced employees or managers. Additionally, it replaces and significantly simplifies the monitoring and execution of written procedures.

BMS DNA® enables the following:

  • Improving processes
  • Digitalisation and automation
  • Storing knowledge and know-how
  • Establishing a foundation for cybersecurity
  • Gaining a comprehensive view of company operations
  • Aligning strategy with business processes
  • Reducing management levels
  • Identifying suitable outsourcing processes
  • Increasing company assets
  • Analysing data regarding the company management system
  • Assessing and understanding company operations before the acquisition or merger of companies

  • Business Management System DNA® is an intangible fixed asset of the company, where corporate DNA – processes, responsibility, knowledge, know-how, KPIs, organizational culture and strategy – is codified and used for sustainable business growth and development.


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